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November 2, 2011
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Ponies Gone Insane by Tsitra360 Ponies Gone Insane by Tsitra360
100% Vector drawn by me.

Fun little project that helped me to REALLY understand Adobe Illustrator. Its such a fun and easy program once you know how to use it.

Program: Illustrator CS5
Time: Roughly 14 hours

So….what do you guys think? I also like a critique on my first full fledge vector illustration.
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My last critique on something you drew had about a 50% rate of being marked as "unfair". I don't care. Fuck the haters.
Vision: I'm not entirely sure if you had any specific intent with this piece, other than a portrayal of the main cast as insane as practice at pure vector work. If you did have a greater aspiration for this piece, it's impossible to determine what it was. Without any other motivation, the only "vision" I can presume is that you intended to create something aesthetically pleasing. On that note...

It's not terrible. But it's not jawdropping either. The background is certainly well done, visually, but the ponies themselves are... Off. Some of them were drawn reasonably well, but a couple just look... Wrong.

Originality: Fanart of the main six together isn't a difficult concept to come up with. You're a cut above a large portion of it, because you at least have a gimmick.

But your gimmick isn't very original itself. It's just "they're crazy". There are more unoriginal concepts you could have drawn, but that's the best thing I can say in your favor, when considering it from the perspective of originality. "It could be worse."

Technique: This will be hard to judge in terms of technical skill. Not because the quality of some parts is higher or lower than others, or because I'm biased by any love or hatred for you.

It will be hard to judge because, for a vector, this is remarkably low-res. The fullview version is only 2200x1238. The joy of vectors is their ability to be blown up infinitely: Use that to your advantage.

From what I can see, though, it's... Mixed. The feeling of this piece (from the background and your use of the show's method of coloring linework) is that you were aiming for the show's style. If that's the case, you failed. Dash's wings look cool, sure. But they aren't in the show's style. The poses of the ponies, with the exception of Pinkie Pie, give them longer bodies than the show gives them. Though it might be stylistic in another context, when used in what appears to be an attempt to mimic the show's style it looks awkward. (If you were not attempting to mimic the show's style, the above points are still valid. The piece appears to be attempting to mimic the show's style, and that is all that matters when judging it. If you weren't, then you clearly need to change your style more to distinguish it from the original show's style.)

The posing of all of the ponies is... Awkward. The entire piece is very clearly meant to feel as though the ponies are dynamic, yet none of them (with the possible exception of Rainbow Dash, who could go either way) feel as though they are moving.

Applejack's hoof is down on a smashed apple, and the intent is clear: She was meant to have recently smashed the apple. Instead, though, it feels as though her hoof is merely resting next to a broken apple. A closer look reveals the reason for this: Her other hoof is in motion, and that programs the brain to think of her other hoof as resting. Think of forelegs as arms. Very rarely does someone actually perform an action with both arms at the same time. Yes, people will move both arms when performing an action, but one arm functions as a counterbalance to the other's, it does not actually accomplish anything in its movement. Keep this in mind in the future.

Twilight, by my understanding, is intended to be hitting herself... But I get the feeling that she's just rubbing her face with her own hoof. Again, this is a result of a lack of appearance of dynamic motion; her hoof feels like it is resting on her face, not driving into it. The line surrounding her hoof (her cheek) resembles a motion line, aiding in the interpretation of her hoof as moving vertically (the indentation on her throat serves a similar purpose). With no similar linework to give a mental perspective of horizontal momentum, this combines to provide the aforementioned "rubbing her face" illusion. Work on portraying horizontal momentum in the future.

Rarity is intended to be rolling around on the ground, I can gather, but instead, she appears to simply be laying there. Her problem, though, is more important than a simple lack of motion. She doesn't have a horn. I'm aware that you intended for her horn to be hidden by her hair, but it would not be hidden at this angle. Others have noticed this and corrected you. The curve of her hair is not sufficient for her horn to be hidden by it, leaving the observer with two possible interpretations: Either Rarity's horn is missing, or she had jammed it into the ground. If you wanted her hair to mask the horn, you should have drawn the hair as extending farther from her skull. If you wanted to maintain her hair's current styling, you should have added her horn slightly extending beyond her hair.

Pinkie Pie actually looks well-drawn enough. She mimics the show's style reasonably well, her hoof isn't intended to be in motion, and doesn't appear to be (though the line on the hill behind her does resemble a motion line when glanced at quickly), and her expression fits the situation. The only error I can point out is with the linework in her hair: Some of the lines that curve in the show-accurate Pinkie appear to be composed of straight lines when viewed at full resolution. Work on using curves, rather than straight lines, to make your work flow.

Fluttershy's pose looks awkward. Her wings don't appear to be providing lift, so she appears to be hovering unsupported. Having her hooves together, rather than extended, causes her to be visually unbalanced. Typically, when ponies are seen flying, their legs are slightly extended outwards from their body. The awkward appearance of Fluttershy here is the reason for this. I do have to commend your linework on Fluttershy, though. Though her pose is awkward, she has the best linework of the bunch; she flows as though she were a single being, rather than a network of lines.

Rainbow Dash is... Awkward. At one moment, her pose appears dynamic. At another, she appears static. She appears off-balance for a similar reason to Fluttershy: Her left hoof is extended too far to the side. If you want her left hoof to be gesturing directly at the viewer, her body should be rotated to suit the posture of that. If you want her to appear balanced while maintaining her current pose, her left hoof should be brought around to be going more directly forward from her body. Her hair (especially her tail) is particularly well-colored, though.

A few general nitpicks: Your ponies' noses are too pointy at the tip, and (at least in Twilight's case) almost appear to be the snouts of dogs, not ponies. Fluttershy and Dash have different styles of wings, which is annoying. They should either both be in the show's style (like Fluttershy's) or your own (Dash's). AJ's apple (the unsmashed one) doesn't actually look like she's holding it, it looks like it's floating slightly above her hoof. The smashed apple doesn't actually look smashed; it looks like it was split with a knife. The debris from the broken apple doesn't look like part of a broken apple, it looks like paint of some sort. A smashed apple's broken parts are three-dimensional, but this debris looks two-dimensional. Also, the image is JPG and uses red.

On the plus side: The background is extremely pretty. The trees look show accurate, and detail is conserved as things fall backward, providing a sense of depth to the piece. The "frame" provided by the three bushes of flowers and two trees in the foreground is a nice touch, and helps direct the focus of the piece back towards the main cast, without restricting the view of the background.

Impact: I didn't get much of a feeling out of this piece. Though I did find myself wishing you had uploaded a version without the ponies in it, so that I could admire the background more. So there is that.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
101 out of 149 deviants thought this was fair.

*ahem*Let's get started:
AJ:Ok.The neck is a little fat though.And her front hooves look a little short.Other than that I like her expression.
Twilight:Her neck is also a little fat.Also You put the cutie mark on both sides.I'm not sure if that's what you were going for but still.I like how her hair goes up but I think she needs a little more expression.
Fluttershy:Her neck is a little thick and her wings look curved in a way.The snout looks a little weird too.But other than that it's fine.
RD:The neck is wee thick and the chest looks a little "Big".
Also the hooves look a little deformed.But the expression is priceless!
Rarity:I really like how you did the pose.The hair though would've been more flat though.
Pinkie:Can't say anything about this but awesome.
Vision:I can see what you were going for.
Originality:I've seen tons of others do this before but it's nice.
Technique:I like how it's drawn.
Impact:Nuff said.
~Vordella the critique
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
10 out of 15 deviants thought this was fair.

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Scoot0i0i08 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student General Artist
No Pinkamena?
xXtechieruffinxX Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I found this again! This time I faved it :)
TW6464 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Pinkie looks really confused... Probably because she's realized she is now the most sane pony out of the mane 6...
Majinblaze2012 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL, I love it!
Another point that made me laugh (and please don't take this the wrong way) is:
If you go look at some actual "artsy-fartsy" stuff on here, you'll find a lot of "this is cool" comments. Yet here, in the comments for this PONY picture, are at least 2 (at the time I wrote this) full-on, semi-pro-style, no-holding-back critiques. Why is it that people are more inclined to write a full art review over a pony pic than a nude chick dangling by her wrists and ankle from a ceiling in some factory or something......yeah, that one should have been ripped apart in my opinion....but....meh, exhibitionists will be themselves, I suppose.....for public viewing.  
Mylittlepony551 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Rarity has no horn!
JustDancer13 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student Artist
What The......?
AlexKazhdan Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This actually makes sense. Pinkie Pie is normally crazy, so if all the ponies went insane, she would have to turn normal. :)
brisi123 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student General Artist
applejacks cutie mark is abit high
Tsitra360 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
Better than not being there at all haha. Many times I actually forgot FLuttershy's wings.
brisi123 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Student General Artist
LOL, once i forgot celestia's wings; later that night she haunted one of my dreams o_O
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